While we do not name authors, PARTYSHEEPHATS is fortunate to have many talented writers and analysts who contribute to our work. Some of the most prominent are listed here.

Bartholomew Huller

Mr. Huller is a freelance writer who specializes in restaurant reviews and stories for in-flight-magazines.  He has submitted articles for major publications such as the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Freeskiier, none of which have ever called him back.  In his free time, he practices amateur theatrics and existential dread. Mr. Huller lives in a large house with his family, although they are not aware of this.

Dr. Rebecca Wicombe, PhD

Dr. Wicombe received her doctorate in applied mathematics from the university of Northern North Dakota, where she studied the numbers 16 and 153. She has advised many major corporations and minor governments on data analysis issues, typically advising against it. She enjoys repairing watches and taking photographs, but would be willing to take watches and repair photographs if the price was right.

Christopher Wielga

Mr. Wielga has been contributing to PARTYSHEEPHATS since its inception. He has both gone to school and been employed. When not writing for PARTYSHEEPHATS, Mr. Wielga can frequently be seen leaving parties without saying goodbye.  He lives alone, according to his roommate.

Jeffrey W Fullbright

Mr. Fullbright is not the Executive Editor. His existence is undisputed.


Amanda S Wong

Ms. Wong is a retired geologist. She specializes in writing about poultry, macroeconomics, the macroeconomics of poultry, the poultry of macroeconomics, and the American black bear. In her free time she enjoys shouting and lying about her wearabouts.