What is the furthest airport you can get to (without stopping)?


Ever needed to get far away from your city of residence in a hurry? To assist in your escapes and escapades, I’ve created another long-airline-route related map. This one shows the furthest nonstop scheduled flight from the busiest 50 or so US airports.

You can view it in Tableau Public, here.

The destinations are largely what you’d expect. West coast cities tend toward Asia, east coast cities tend toward Europe, and smaller cities tend toward one of the US coasts. (Usually the west coast cities of San Francisco, Portland, or Seattle.) Seven airports (usually larger ones) have their longest route to one of the Middle Eastern hubs of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Doha.

A few special cases: Sacramento is the only airport with the longest nonstop destined for Hawaii, Dallas is the only one heading to Australia, and Atlanta is the only one going to Africa.

As the furthest airport from eight cities San Francisco is the most common destination. The most common international destinations are Tokyo-Narita and Hong Kong, each of which is the furthest destination from four US cities.  There is a fair number of diversity with most airports being the furthest route from just one US city. Often an airport will have one scheduled route to Asia or Europe, but the particular destination city varies from airport to airport.


NOTE: this post was corrected and data updated on Sep 5 2016.

“Furthest” is based on great circle distance not flight time, and route info is from Wikipedia. Corrections welcome.

For more on very far flights, see this post.

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