Year in Review: 2017

Year 2

The end of the second year of PARTYSHEEHATS gives a chance for us to see which posts were the most popular and to explain why some others should have been instead. Compared to last year. We had about twice as many total views, which means if we continue to grow at this rate, we will have views from everyone on earth in a mere two and a half decades. A goal all of us, except Christopher, are committed to achieving.


To do this, we will need to write more popular articles. And what we have learned in the past year is that what people click on is things involving Uber and current events. This post on Uber was the most popular followed by an uncharacteristic detour into the murky waters of currency markets. The most popular of our many airline posts followed the violent removal of a United Airlines Passenger. While that post had good memes, this one is better. Our massive audience had good taste in viewing our pieces on Universal Basic Income and if global inequality is increasing. They should have paid more attention to this piece on monopolies.

Also, this year we got emojis, and a picture of a sheep with a party hat. Which is pretty neat.


Thanks for reading!

The Executive Editor